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Concerned Citizens for Change is a grassroots organization working to advance progressive issues at the city, state and federal levels.  

Alessandra Biaggi For State Senate

​Alessandra's opponent is long-time incumbent Jeff Klein, who says he is a Democrat, but in the past he organized a small group of Democrats break away from the majority of Democrats and put the Republicans in charge of the State Senate. As a result of this alliance, many bills which would have benefited his constituents never came up for a vote. That alone is reason enough to support Alessandra, but Klein's shortcomings are not the only reason she deserves support. She is a smart, energetic woman with a progressive agenda.

We'll have more to say about Klein below. but here are some of the things she will fight for:

Protecting tenant rights and providing affordable housing

Full funding for our public schools

Single-payer healthcare in New York

Protection and aid for aging New Yorkers

Tackling economic inequality

Improving transit systems--especially the MTA

Job creation

Protecting workers' rights

Fighting climate change and protecting our environment

Environmental justice

Gun safety

Ending New York's restrictive voting laws which lead to low voter turnout

Getting big money out of politics

Protecting reproductive rights

Protecting women against sexual harassment, abuse and assault

Making the criminal justice sysyem more equitable for the poor and people of color

Prptecting immigrants--passing the DREAM Act and the Liberty Act

Protecting all New Yorkers regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or  sexual orientation

Passing the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA)

Passing the Child Victim's Act

Learn More At Alessandra''s Website
​​Over the years, Jeff Klein's shady deal with the Republicans prevented action on many items on Alessandra's list. It did provide many benefits for him and the other turncoat Democrats who called themselves the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC). There is much more information on Klein and the IDC on the websites below. 

Klein says that Trump's election now makes partnership with the Republicans wrong and so the IDC is now going to rejoin the majority Democrats. Can they be trusted? Are they back for good?

Here's the truth. Klein and most of the IDC members are being challenged in Democratic primaries and additionally, Governor Cuomo finally pressured them  to end their alliance with the Republicans. The intense pressure applied by the Cuomo came about because he plans to run for president and had been receiving criticism at the national level for allowing the IDC/Republican relationship to continue unempeded for years.

The IDC's  agreement to return to the Democrats has no enforcement clause. It could end at any time--perhaps the day after the primary or when Cuomo's quest for the Democratic nomination either succeeds or ends.

You can learn more about the damage Klein and the IDC have visited on New Yorkers on the two websites listed below:

True Blue NY