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Concerned Citizens for Change is a grassroots organization working to advance progressive issues at the city, state and federal levels.  

Photo: People's Climate March NY,

We are building a resource folks can use to gain information on issues. Those which are listed here do constitute a complete list of all of our concerns. We hope to expand this resource over time.

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Big $$$$ In Politics
Economic Inequality
Issues In Education
Affordable Housing
Medicare For All
Climate Change
Climate Change--

Facts are stubborn things. Just because someone doesn’t believe a fact is true doesn’t make it false. Facts don’t disappear just because someone would like them to go away.

Fact: light energy from the sun turns into heat energy when it strikes the Earth.

Fact: certain gases in our atmosphere trap that heat energy.

Fact: the Earth is getting warmer because we are putting too more of those gases into our atmosphere..

Fact: global warming is causing damage to places due to rising ocean levels and the creation of stronger storms.

Fact: parts of the Earth could become uninhabitable.

Fact: warming could get out of control and the whole Earth could become uninhabitable.

This article explains the science behind the above statements. It also tells us where we are in terms of how much gas we are putting in our air and where we should be if we want to avoid disaster:

How bad could it get? The potential for a mass extinction is there. This video by Thom Hartman explains what will happen if the frozen methane under oceans is released: 

We believe that the humans who are yet to be born deserve a habitable planet. We believe that the only way to ensure they get one is for us to switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy as soon as possible.

We need to tax carbon emissions, eliminate tax breaks for fossil fuel companies, set high goals for conversion to renewables, prohibit drilling in the Artic, end fracking(The gas infrastructure presents many safety concerns and it leaks methane which is an even more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Fracking also permanently pollutes water which isn’t renewable) divest city and state pension money from fossil fuel companies.
The Science
Last Hours



Our group was very much involved in the fight for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and we are proud to have contributed in a small way to its passage. It has saved lives, but it doesn’t go far enough.

Tens of millions of Americans are uninsured or only partially insured, and costs are continuing to rise. America pays more for healthcare than any other industrialized nation, but our population receives inferior protection.  There is one simple reason why the United States receives inferior, more costly healthcare—special interests are making money off the status quo.

We the People deserve something better. We deserve what activists are calling single-payer healthcare reform or Medicare for all.

Go to the website of Physicians For A National Health Program for a clear explanation of why it is necessary and how it would work: 

A  New York version of single payer is possible if we can get the New York State Senate on board. A bill establishing single payer in New York has passed the Assembly, but the Republicans in the State Senate have refused to bring it up. Read all about it here: