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Concerned Citizens for Change is a grassroots organization working to advance progressive issues at the city, state and federal levels.  

We are a progressive group that works for legislative and political change which benefits
We the People.

Our membership includes folks from the Bronx and Westchester.


A grassroots organization working to advance progressive politics

America is at a crossroads. Will we be a nation Of the People, By the People, For the People, or a nation where We the People merely exist to serve the super rich, huge corporations and Wall Street?  

What FDR called organized money is constantly at work trying to get government at all levels to advance its interests. This harms the majority of our citizens. Examples abound: the lack of regulations which allowed the sketchy financial practices that led to the Great Recession in 2007; the manufacture and sale of products that threaten our health and even our lives; tax policies which shift the elite’s share of the cost of government on to the rest of us; promoting climate change for profit. The list goes on and on. It doesn't have to be this way!!  We can pay attention to what our politicians are doing and act to make them really represent us and protect our interests.  

If ordinary folks get informed and get involved We the People can achieve progressive change on: Ending the grip that organized money has on our political government--Economic inequality–Racism--Sexism--Xenophobia--Job creation and working conditions–-Climate change and the environment--Wall Street--Banks and giant corporations--Adequate housing for all--Adequate funding and support for our public schools--Safe, nourishing food for all--Immigration--Peace--Education--Free college tuition--And More.  

Join us today to help bring progressive change at the city, state and federal level. 
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We Are Part Of The Resistance

Concerned Citizens For Change is a member of two coalitions which grew out of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign: the New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN) is a New York statewide group and Our Revolution which operates on the national level. View their websites by clicking on their icons below.

 Our Endorsements 

Alessandra Biaggi For State Senate

We endorsed Alessandra Biaggi for the New York Senate because she is an alternative to the cynical, self-serving politicians who populate Albany. Although Wall Street, big real estate and the super-rich may be pleased with what happens in our state capital, New York State government simply does not work very well for the majority of New Yorkers.

Here is her latest video: The Future Is Us

More About Why We
Endorsed Alessandra Biaggi

Cynthia Nixon For Governor

Cynthia Nixon has challenged Andrew Cuomo for the governorship. Her fame as an actress has allowed her to make Democratic voters aware of his shortcomings and his affinity for campaign contributions from Wall Street, big real estate, giant corporations and the super rich. The spotlight her candidacy has placed on Cuomo has resulted in his increasingly taking more progressive positions. This is a good thing
More About Why We Endorsed Cynthia Nixon

Jumaane Williams For Lieutenant Governor

In New York party primary ballots the governor and lieutenant governor are voted on separately. Kathy Hochul is Cuomo's choice for lieutenant governor, but he could wind up with progressive New York City Council Member Jumaane Williams instead. If that happened, Cuomo would have a lieutenant governor who would not be afraid to speak out if Cuomo violated progressive principles or took unethical actions.
More About Why We
Endorsed Jumaane Williams

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