Northwest Bronx
for Change

Concerned Citizens for Change is a grassroots organization working to advance progressive issues at the city, state and federal levels.  

Some Past Events

Concerned Citizens for Change

At Our February Meeting--
Dr. Elizabeth  Rosenthal Tells Us How Single-payer Healthcare Would Work In New York.
Timothy Foley Eplains What The GOP Wants To Do To The Affordable Care Act, Medicaid And Medicare.
​​Supporting Attorney General Schneiderman At His Press Conference Calling For Reform Of New York's Election Laws
Helping Common Cause Deliver Petitions To Trump Demanding That He Put His Businesses Into A Blind Trust To Avoid Conflicts Of interests

We Supported Food And Water Watch As
They Marched To Save The Planet At The
Democratic National Convention In July

We Are Not A Political Club, But We 
 Will Support Candidates In Crucial Races

We pitched in
to help
reelect President Obama.
We phone banked, and tabled and traveled to Philadelphia to knock on doors.
​​On December 12, 2015, our members voted to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for president. 
Getting ready to knock on doors to help Gustavo Rivera replace the very corupt Pedro Espada In The New York State Senate.
Collecting the signatures Bernie Sanders needed to get on the ballot in New York on a cold, cold January day.
We traveled to Westchester to help the Democrats
take control of the New York State Senate.

We Have Had Some Really Informative And Inspiring Speakers At Our Monthly Meetings

Pat Almonrode--350.Org NYC--Climate Change
Darius Gordon--Citizen ActionNY--Big Money In Politics​
Henry Garrido--DC-37, AFSCME--Unions Under Attack
Economist Renee Toback--The Economy Held Hostage
​Jim Brown, Labor Market Analyst with the New York State Department of Labor--
Job Projections
Danielle Gerard--Food And Water Watch--
The Case For A Ban On Fracking
Jarvis Tyner--Activist--What Would Dr. King Think
About Politics Today?
Marina Metalios, from Tenants PAC and The Real Rent Reform Campaign--Strengthening Tenant Protections
Proposed Changes to the New York City Zoning Code-- Tom Waters, Housing Policy Analyst of the Community Service Society,  Carol Samol-Director--Bronx Office NYC Department of City Planning and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowtz.
We co-sponsored this talk by Zephyr Teacheout on How to Address Illegitimate Power with the Manhattan College Department of Government and Politics and the Urban studies Department.
Anniette Gaudino--Coordinator, Campaign for New York Health--Single Payer Healthcare in New York

Other Actions And Events

We traveled to Albany on the anniversary of the Citizens United decision to demand that the New York State legislature vote for a constitutional convention which would amend the U.S. Constitution to would nullify this horrible decision.
We spent some time at Occupy Wall Street and had Occupy activists, including Councilman Rodriguez, up tp meet with us.
We supported the Democracy Awakens event in Washington. It was held to demand passage of a group of bills whcih would mitigate the influence of big money in politics and protect voting rights.
We joined with Leonie Haimson, the head of of Class Size Matters, to visit Councilman Cohen to discuss the failure of New York City to build enough schools to house our children.
We screen films with a progessive message such as the anti-fracking Gasland which we were able show thanks to friends at Manhattan College.
We joined Physicians For A National Health Program in Albany to demand that the New York State Legislature pass a bill which would establish a single-payer health plan--Medicare forall--in New York. The Assembly has passed such a bill the State Senate has not.
We were there to support the People's Climate March.
People all over the world demonstrated to call for divestment in fossil fuels. Several of our members joined the New York City rally at Wall Street on a cold February day.

We Joined The Fight For The Affordable Care Act

We went to Times Square to rally.
We marched on the Brooklyn Bridge.
We went to Times Square and rallied with thousands of other New Yorkers.
We held many meetings featuring our good friend Tim Foley who explained what was in the bill and where things were politically.
We held a screening of Sicko, Michael Moore's movie on healthcare in America.
We went to many rallies and marches in Washington D.C. 
Richard Trumpka was there.
Finally, we were able to hold a joint meeting with the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club to celebrate its passage and explain what is in it. Congressman Engel and Assemblyman Dinowitz joined us.
See if You Can Spot Randi Weingarten.