Northwest Bronx
for Change

Concerned Citizens for Change is a grassroots organization working to advance progressive issues at the city, state and federal levels.  
Concerned Citizens for Change (formerly known as Northwest Bronx for Change) is a group of people who have opted for political awareness and political action.
We began life during the 2008 presidential campaign as a grassroots group called Northwest Bronx for Obama and continued on as Northwest Bronx for Change. We've picked up members from other parts of the Bronx and Westchester so we changed our name to Concerned Citizens for Change.

People all across America have decided not to opt for apathy and we are one with them.  
We are primarily issue advocates, but sometimes we will support a candidate if we feel a principle is at stake or an election is crucial.
We are not a political club. We are not part of a political party. What binds us together is a desire to work for progressive change.  
We believe that ordinary citizens must make their voices heard so that those who are elected will represent our interests.  To acheive that end we:
  • Organize meetings to get information about progressive issues out to the public.
  • Coordinate drives which urge people phone and write their elected officials about pending legislation.
  • Organize visits to our elected officials to talk about issues and legislation.
  • Support marches, rallies and other events organized by citywide. statewide and national groups.
  • Organize phone banks, door knocking and voter registration so the right kind of candidates are elected.
  • Support national, state and local groups working on a variety of issues.
If ordinary folks get informed and get involved, then We the People, will achieve progressive change on: Income Inequality–Racism-Jobs–Climate Change—
Wall Street and Banks Reform—Immigration—Peace Around the World—Education—Ending the grip that money has on our political process, and more.